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Our Regional Office


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(+505) 22 66 83 47
(+ 505) 22 66 83 47
Residencial Bolonia
Del antiguo Hospital Militar, 1 c. al lago,
1 c. 1/2 abajo
A.P. 3336 Managua

The Regional Office in Managua coordinates the programs in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Under the third Indicative Cooperation Programme, EUR 35 million are earmarked for the period covering 2011-2014 in Nicaragua and 21 million EUR between 2012-2015 for El Salvador.
These budgets include projects and programs belonging to the bilateral and multilateral development cooperation, those who come to support civil society and microfinance as well as funds earmarked for education and diversification of partnership relations.
On the whole, the program supports the priority sectors of the Luxembourg Development Cooperation, namely health, vocational training and local development (focusing on tourism in Nicaragua) in the light of social protection and poverty eradication.

In Nicaragua, the political dialogue is well established with the national administration. The Luxembourg Cooperation has become a major donor in its areas of intervention and enjoys a great lot of confidence from the local government. This allowed us to position ourselves as a leader in the tourism sector and be considered a major player in health sector coordination and training. In addition, and as an example, the recognition of the work in the tourism sector, urged the European Commission to delegate the implementation of part of its program to strengthen the coherence of European interventions and the concept of "Scenic Routes" in alignment with the national strategy.

In El Salvador, the government has made social protection an important part of its development policy. With an experience of five years in support of the program "Caring rural communities " anchor of this social policy, we have partnered with the Spanish Cooperation and the European Commission to strengthen the implementation of the " Solidarity programme for communities ", a multi-sector response to fight poverty. This joint effort provides an opportunity for the application of new forms of cooperation in El Salvador. On one hand, the Luxembourg Cooperation has chosen, in a logic of aid effectiveness, to integrate a common fund, managed by the Salvadoran government and implemented by a score of public institutions. On the other hand, it has at its disposal a fund for additional technical assistance to support capacity building of counterpart institutions.

For four years now, the regional office and its peers at the Luxembourg Embassy have made a major effort to monitor and analyse the positioning of our program in relation to the specific context of this Central American region and the development prospects of international development cooperation to improve the effectiveness of aid. Thus, various measures to improve our performance in terms of ownership, alignment and harmonization have been made in different areas of concentration and in line with our Vision 2020:

  • Review of the role of the Luxembourg technical assistance,
  • Delegated cooperation towards the Spanish ODA for parts of the water sector programme,
  • Active participation in technical working groups,
  • The establishment of focus groups on environment and climate change across all programs.


  • Thierry GIRARD
    Programmes Officer
  • Maria Nieves ARAMBURU
    Gerente Administrativa Financiera (Administration and Finance Officer)
  • Arnulfo GARCIA
    Conductor (Driver)
  • Jessika GARCIA
    Conserje (Cleaner)
  • Jennifer HERNANDEZ
    Conserje (Cleaner)

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