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ADEL - Support for Local Economic Development and Conflict Prevention in the Gao and Timbuktu Regions


LuxDev's country office
Mali Office

Local Development

Implementation period
December 2019 - November 2022
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
13,000,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    0 EUR
  • Commission européenne
    13,000,000 EUR


The project to support local economic development and conflict prevention in the Gao and Timbuktu regions (ADEL) is a continuation of projects (RELAC and RELAC II) to revive the local economy and support communities in the north of Mali, implemented by LuxDev between January 2016 and November 2019. It is planned for a duration of 36 months with a budget of 13 000 000 EUR.

The overall objective of the ADEL project is to contribute to the stabilization of the regions of Timbuktu and Gao and the resilience of local communities. It aims at local development and improving the governance of local communities in 42 municipalities in Gao and Timbuktu regions (specific objective).

In a fragile intervention context and unstable security situation, more than 100 local associations and cooperatives will be supported through the consolidation and / or implementation of economic projects in various sectors (agriculture, livestock, fishing, crafts) in order to revive and develop the local economy and contribute to the stability and well-being of the people.

Training and integration into the world of work, through self-employment and salaried work, will be facilitated for 2,500 young women and men in the Timbuktu region, as well as the establishment of a sustainable training and vocational system.

The populations of the 42 municipalities supported will benefit from the reinforcement, in quantity and quality, of about 200 achievements of basic social services (e.g. health, education, water).

In addition, the governance of local and regional authorities will be improved through the strengthening of the skills of elected officials and municipal agents and the support of conflict prevention and management systems, so as to facilitate social cohesion and thus contribute to improving the security context.

By acting on these different components, ADEL will support the resilience of communities and local authorities and will act on the causes of the migratory phenomenon by:

  • responding to social expectations, through the revival of economic activities, the professional integration of young people, the rehabilitation of basic social services and;
  • legitimizing the decentralized and deconcentrated structures of the State, through support and direct collaboration but also the establishment of constructive relations between these and the populations.

To this end, the reinforcement of the actors' capacities and the systematic integration of the specific modalities and actions to the needs of the women, will be the main transversal themes of the project.

The strategies for implementing the project's actions are based on the results of the RELAC, whose on-demand, inclusive and empowering approach has allowed operating in a difficult context and achieving tangible and sustainable results, among which some are to consolidate.

LuxDev will manage the project according to its own procedures, while empowering the various public and private stakeholders in the implementation of activities and showing great flexibility to adapt to fragility and volatility of the intervention context.

Finally, an adequate monitoring / evaluation and communication system will be put in place to ensure the steering of the project and its accountability to the various stakeholders.